15 Exotic Fruits You Should Try And Easily Find At Your Local Store

Whenever I watch a documentary concerning off-the-wall foods and traveling, I invariably surprise wherever I will realize several fruits and vegetables. Watching your native food market, you’ll recognize a large number of fashionable fruits. However, each currently then, I might like to experiment and take a look at one thing different. I’m positive their arasure} others like me that wouldn’t mind attempting exotic fruits. the matter is, whereas there square measure several exotic fruits you’ll realize in Asia and continent, not several of them square measure obtainable within the United States of America.

15 Exotic Fruits You Should Try at Least Once

That being same, let’s name a number of the healthy exotic fruits Mother Nature has future, and you’ll realize a very higher equipped food market and native market



In the geographical region, this fruit is termed “King of Fruits.” And you’ll perceive why. the massive and high fruit is legendary for its savory smell. Those that have tried it describe the aroma and smell as deep-fried onions. In Asia, the durian is favorite. Some foreigners have troubles stomaching the scent. However, it’s price attempting a minimum of once.

We recommend you cracking the durian as your last dish. Thus it doesn’t interfere with different flavors. I’ve detected some descriptions like “garlic pudding,” and that I am positive. You’ll realize some ways that to cook and eat it. you’ll achieve a durian in Asian grocery stores. It’s available whole and frozen.



At first look, this fruit may not look appealing. However, cut it in, and you’ll be amazed by the astonishingly delicious flesh. I’m positive you’ll wish additional of it.

The fruit is native to South America. From some time, cherimoya has traveled to Europe and different heat climates. The flesh is creamy and features a custard-like texture. Some individuals talk to it because of the “custard apple.”

Unlike durian, cherimoya is quite tasty and delicious. The style may be a combination of pineapple, strawberry, and banana. Geographical region vogue markets invariably have some cherimoya.

Prickly pears


The vibrant chromatic pulp is delicate and sweet. The fruit will be made in atomic number 12, over some ancient choices like pear and apple. Some individuals decision them succulent pears, associate degreed you’ll acknowledge them on the market as an avocado-shaped fruit. Prickly pears square measure is native to Mexico.

Peel and slice, and you’re able to consume it. Discard the skin. However, you’ll eat the seeds. You’ll simply add slices of the fruit to your cereal, salad, ice cream, or smoothie.

Papaya delicious from exotic fruits


I am positive you’ve detected of a number of the exotic fruits on this list. Papaya is one amongst them. In most cases, we tend to consume dried papaya. However, contemporary papaya is far, far better. Cristobal Colonreferred to as papaya “the fruit of the angels.” He tried it back within the 1400s.

Papaya may be a non-acidic fruit loaded with antioxidant. It makes the fruit excellent for your abdomen, and due to a variety of antioxidants, papaya helps with cancer interference.

When you square measure searching for honest papaya, make sure the fruit is blotchy yellow. Once the papaya is ripe, the skin is additional yellow than the other color. Once ironed, ripe papaya ought to provide slightly. If you purchase inexperienced papaya, ripe it in a very poke on your counter, then store within the electric refrigerator.

Dragon fruit


Another of these exotic fruits that square measure is gaining quality in recent years. You’ll realize some dragon fruit in well-stocked grocery stores within the Asian markets. The dragon fruit isn’t as rare as different exotic fruits.

Because of its look, the dragon fruit referred to as “white papaya.” it’s a similar texture to a kiwifruit. The dragon fruit may be a colorful red and inexperienced succulent with white flesh noticed with little black seeds.

Native to Mexico, the dragon fruit conjointly grows in Asia and geographical region. The seeds are edible, and also the fruit tastes sort of a mixture of pear, watermelon, and kiwifruit. In terms of health advantages, dragon fruit may be an excellent supply of fiber, vitamin C, calcium, and B-complex vitamin, all whereas being low in calories.


jackfruit exotic fruits

Fun fact: Jackfruit is the most abundant tree-borne fruit within the world. One jackfruit will get older to 80lbs in weight. It’s a starchy fruit with refined sweetness and a flavor that’s like a mix between banana and apple.

The jackfruit is best, once it takes on the flavor of different ingredients. In the US, jackfruit has become a preferred choice for vegans; United Nations agency uses it as a meat substitute. In all probability the someone amongst the exotic fruits you’ll realize in tacos menu.

As to wherever to search out it, scrutinize the Asian groceries. They typically sell it contemporary, either whole or by the slice.

Longans best from exotic fruits


Longans is “little brother of lychee.” The flesh is semitransparent with a black seed within the center. Like most fruits, longans style sweet however fragrant. Their size is joined. Loaded with antioxidants, longans give over a hundred and fortieth of the daily price in precisely one cup.

When shopping for longans, listen to color. It ought to be brownish-yellow to auburn. The skin ought to be versatile, however not too soft. Which means the fruit is ripe.

Miracle fruit

Miracle exotic fruits

This fruit is native to the geographical area, and it will perform miracles. the most effective thanks to consuming mixed with different grains in a very smoothie. Simply combine the juice of miracle fruit with some lemons and limes for a delicious drink.

The best factor concerning miracle fruit is it transforms bitter fruits and provides them a sweet style. That’s all as a result of a molecule referred to as miraculin found within the fruit. It’s the power to govern tongue receptors and the way we tend to interpret bitter foods and helps in weight loss. You’ll conjointly use it as a healthy different to artificial sweeteners.

Kiwano fruit


Known as “horned melon,” kiwano features a high and bright yellow to orange skin. Once you see it at the native store, I’m positive it’ll grab your attention. Cut it open, and you’re welcome by soft and inexperienced flesh that ‘merely delicious.

Kiwano is native to the continent, additional exactly southern and central elements. It delivers a rare mixture of cucumber and watermelon. The style is as “lemony cucumber.”

I have to warn you since it’s one amongst the rare exotic fruits, the worth could be a small amount high within the theUnited States of America. However, it’s price giving it an attempt a minimum of once. Low calories, kiwano delivers a healthy dose of axerophthol, vitamin C, magnesium, and K.

Korean Melon


On the topic of melons, let’s name Korean foods moreover. In contrast to most foods, Korean fruit is quite little. It’s yellow skin with deep white stripes and white interior flesh. You’ll conjointly notice small and edible white seeds within.

As for the style, it’s one thing between cucumber and winter melon. You’ll simply realize it at the Korean grocery stores market.



A slightly different fruit from the kiwano fruit, cucamelon delivers an analogous combination of cucumber and watermelon. It’s the sourness of the cucumber, with the sweetness of the watermelon. It goes by different names moreover, as well as mouse melon or bitter Mexican cucumber. As you may imagine, the fruit is native to Mexico and Central America. Mexican grocery stores square measure the place to seem for this fruit.

Passion fruit


This little and golf-ball-sized fruit has red and yellow skin that’s onerous. Once you crack it open, you’re welcome by juicy seeds you’ll scoop out with a spoon. Native to South America, edible fruit is currently additional fashionable and might found in different elements of the planet.

Because of its inflated quality in recent years, edible fruit will currently simply found in higher furnished grocery stores and specialty food stores.


Feijoa exotic fruits

This fruit native to South America thought of as a feijoa. It’s price noting that some exotic fruits are grown in America. As an example, feijoa is commercially fully grown in California. The color of the fruit is cream-colored and features a jelly-like substance within the center.

As with different exotic fruits, the recognition of feijoa grows in recent years. They’re in antioxidant and fiber, and you’ll realize them in larger supermarkets and specialty food stores and markets.



You might mistake this fruit for a daily fruit. Out of all exotic fruits, plantains look most equally to natural fruits. the favored term for plantains is cookery banana, and also the fruit appearance correctly sorts of a banana. However, it’s a distinct fruit. The similarities square measure there as a result of they each come back from the monocot family; yet, plantains square measure low in sugar.

You cannot eat plantains raw. They have to burn, sometimes deep-fried or cooked and changed into a soup. As a result of they’re low in sugar, plantains square measure usually used as a fruit for patients with the polygenic disease.


treetomato exotic fruits

This fruit referred to as “tree tomato” features a form like associate degree egg and a nonwoody flesh you’ll scoop out with a spoon. Native to South America, the bush is in well-stocked grocery stores. In the Republic of Ecuador and Galapagos Islands Island, natives mix it with water and sugar and drink it as a juice.

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